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Before you use Zerion
Keeping your Zerion wallet safe
Keeping your Zerion wallet safe

How to ensure that your Web3 journey is safe and secure

Written by Gleb Shumakov
Updated over a week ago

Web3 is a beautiful place, but as is always the case, there are some malicious actors that might try to take control of your wallet. This article is aimed to provide you with some tips that could help improve your wallet security.

Tip #1

Never ever share your private key or seed phrase, regardless of who is asking for it. The only thing this could ever be necessary for is stealing your tokens. You will never be contacted by Zerion asking for this information.

Tip #2

Ensure that your seed phrase is stored safely. It sometimes happens that people lose their seed phrase backups stored on physical objects (such as pieces of paper), so it might be worth making several copies

Tip #3

Make sure that you are always aware of the approvals that you are giving. This minimizes the risk of accidentally approving a malicious contract which might be used to drain your wallet

Tip #4

Consider investing in a hardware wallet. Although this does not shield you from all possible scams, it might be a safer option as every transaction would need to be confirmed physically (such as by pressing a button on the wallet itself). The Zerion mobile app already has bluetooth support for hardware wallets like the Ledger Nano X.

Tip #5

Rule of thumb: if it feels too good to be true, it probably is. This applies to sudden airdrops of unknown tokens to your wallet as those often require an approval of a malicious contract. If you’re being promised unexpected riches, it’s probably a scam. Be especially wary of these kinds of messages on Discord.

Tip #6

Turn off the Discord server DMs by going to Server Page - Privacy Settings - Allow direct messages from server members (it should be turned off)

Hope this helps and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions! Join our Discord and follow us on Twitter to get the latest updates and connect with the community 🥳

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