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How does Zerion help you stay protected from phishing websites?
How does Zerion help you stay protected from phishing websites?

Zerion Phishing Defense makes your Web3 journey safer

Written by Gleb Shumakov
Updated over a week ago

Zerion's Real-Time Phishing Defense feature is a robust security measure designed to protect you from phishing threats and malicious dapps.

How It Works

Our Phishing Defense feature actively scans dApps for phishing risks in real-time. This is made possible through our partnership with Blockaid, a leading name in phishing website detection.

  • Mobile Wallet Users: Receive instant notifications about potentially harmful dApps when accessed through the mobile dApp browser.

  • Browser Extension Users: Get immediate prompts warning of malicious dApps when you attempt to connect your Zerion Wallet to them.

Unlike other wallets like Rabby and Metamask, Zerion processes the list of phishing sites in real-time, giving you an extra layer of protection.

Key benefits

Zerion’s real-time phishing detection ensures that you are always aware of potential issues with dapps that you’re connecting your wallet to. Our Phishing Defense security feature empowers you to browse Web3 with the confidence that you're protected.

With Phishing Defense activated, you can click links and connect to dApps securely, knowing that your assets are safe.

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