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What is a private key?
What is a private key?

There are several web3 terms that just can’t be overlooked. Private key is one of them

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A private key is the cornerstone of wallet access. You could think of it as a combination of a login and a password all in one. You can’t change it though, so please make sure that you take the necessary wallet security precautions and never share your private key or seed phrase with anyone!

How does a private key differ from a seed phrase?

You might see the terms ‘private key’ and ‘seed phrase’ used almost interchangeably, but there is a slight difference between them.

Although they both represent the data necessary to access a wallet, a private key does it in the most straightforward form – it looks like a long sequence of characters that is difficult to both record and reproduce. A seed phrase is a representation of the private key in a form that is easily readable by humans – typically a string of 12 or 24 English words.

You could use either of the two to access your wallet.

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