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How do I back up my seed phrase to iCloud / Google Drive?
How do I back up my seed phrase to iCloud / Google Drive?

Securely Back Up Your Secret Recovery Phrase

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Once you’ve created your new address, it's essential to securely save your secret recovery phrase (seed phrase).

Although it's not mandatory to do so immediately, we highly recommend saving it promptly. In the Settings, you'll receive a notification emphasizing the importance of preserving your recovery phrase.

There are two secure methods for safeguarding your secret recovery phrase on your iOS or Android device:

  1. Use your online cloud account, such as iCloud or Google Drive.

  2. Manually write it down and store it somewhere safe.

We strongly recommend applying both methods: using encrypted cloud backup while also maintaining a written backup manually. This approach serves as an additional safety step for your wallet and assets, especially in case your device gets damaged, lost, or can’t grant you access for some reason.

Important Notice: To protect your recovery phrase from potential hackers and malware, it is crucial to avoid capturing screenshots or storing it on your computer. These practices greatly increase the risk of unauthorized access.

What’s the advantage of using an encrypted cloud backup?

  • Secure & simple secret recovery phrase backup for your web3 wallet

  • Easy cloud storage for your multiple seed phrases—no manual fuss.

  • Strong encryption password you can trust for safeguarding your backup.

  • Works on both Apple and Android devices.

  • Successfully passed audits from several leading security firms.

The Zerion mobile app offers an encrypted backup solution for your wallet’s 12-word secret phrase via your cloud account. For a deeper dive into iCloud security, visit Apple Support. For more on Google Drive security, check out Google Support.

How do I back up my wallet to iCloud?

You can activate the encrypted cloud backup feature in the Zerion mobile app through two avenues:

  1. While Creating a New Wallet: Upon wallet setup completion, you'll be prompted to back up your recovery phrase both in the cloud and manually.

  2. In Your Wallet Settings: Go to Settings > Manage Wallets > Choose the Wallet > Opt for iCloud or Google Drive Backup.



Password requirements

To enhance security, you’ll need to create a robust password for your backup, adhering to the following criteria:

- minimum 14 characters

- has a number

- has a symbol

- has an upper and lowercase letter

Important: Do not reuse your iCloud password. Create a unique encryption password for this purpose. If you lose your encryption password, you could lose your crypto. This password cannot be restored or reset by Zerion, so please ensure to save the encryption password in a safe and secure place.

Recover your wallet with your cloud backup

To restore your wallet via cloud backup, go to “Add wallet” screen > Restore from iCloud or Google Drive > Select the wallet you wish to recover > Enter your encryption password for your cloud account.

And that’s it! You’ve now recovered the backup of your wallet from the cloud.

Hope this helps and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!
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