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Using Zerion on zkSync Era
How to view NFTs on zkSync Era
How to view NFTs on zkSync Era

Learn how to see your NFTs with Zerion

Written by Vladimir Shamanov
Updated over a week ago

With the Zerion web app, you can view NFTs held in any zkSync Era address.

  1. Go to the Zerion web app

  2. In the search field, paste the address, .eth address or a Lens handle

  3. Click on the NFTs tab

  4. Select zkSync Era as the network

That’s it! You’ll now see the NFTs on zkSync Era for that address.

Here's an example of how zkSync Era NFTs look in Zerion:

You can also view your NFTs in Zerion, the best wallet for zkSync.

By importing your private key into the Zerion app, you can trade NFTs, send them to other addresses, and sign any other transactions.

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