How to bridge to zkSync Era

Learn how to transfer ETH and tokens from from any network to zkSync

Written by Vladimir Shamanov
Updated over a week ago

Besides its native bridge, lots of third-party bridges support zkSync Era.

Zerion, the best wallet for zkSync, has a built-in bridge aggregator can help you find the cheapest and fastest bridge. Zerion’s bridge works in the web app and mobile app wallets. The browser extension wallet will currently direct you to the Zerion web app to do bridging.

To bridge to zkSync Era, simply go to the Zerion bridge tab. This tutorial shows Zerion’s web app interface, but the steps will be the same for the mobile app (the browser extension will also use the web app).

  1. In the ‘to’ field, select zkSync Era. In the ‘from’, select the network from which you want to bridge some assets. Bridging from Ethereum is more expensive due gas costs. While other networks are usually cheaper, not all of them have bridges (or enough liquidity).

  2. Select the assets you want to send and to get.

  3. Review the offer. You can click on the suggested time and cost and review other options.

  4. Click ‘Send’.

  5. Sign the transaction.

That’s it! The asset will show on zkSync Era in the time estimated in the offer.

You can also check the transaction status in Socketscan by copying and pasting your transaction hash.

Once the asset has arrived, it will show up in your portfolio balance, and you’ll see the transfer in the transaction history.

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