Unlike exchanges that utilize a limited number of liquidity sources, Zerion aggregates prices across all major DEX aggregators and liquidity sources, thereby giving you the best rates.

How it works

Zerion lets you buy and sell DeFi tokens (& liquidity pools) in a single transaction. On the backend, our execution engine will find the cheapest and fastest route for your trade. This process is powered by DeFi SDK, a library of smart contracts that acts as a universal adapter for every DeFi protocol.

Example #1: When investing in yearn.finance vaults through Zerion, we'll automatically route you between buying yTokens on Uniswap or minting them — whichever works out cheaper.

Example #2: You no longer need to hold all of the underlying tokens in a liquidity pool to become a liquidity provider. Zerion lets you buy LP tokens for Uniswap, Curve, Balancer and Sushi in a single-asset trade.

Liquidity sources

Zerion sources liquidity from every major decentralized exchange (DEX), DEX aggregator, and automated market maker (AMM), including:

  • Uniswap

  • Balancer

  • Curve

  • 1inch

  • 0x

  • DODO

  • Sushi

The best part? Zero commission on Ethereum.

Zerion does not charge additional fees for placing trades on the Ethereum mainnet through our app (you will still need to pay gas and any relevant DEX fees).

We do charge a 0.5% fee on multichain trades. These fees go straight to "treasury-like" multisigs, where they will stay safe and secure until we come up with a way to involve the community in in managing Zerion’s future.

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