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How to Update Zerion Extension?
How to Update Zerion Extension?

Learn how to update your Zerion browser extension

Written by Vladimir Shamanov
Updated over a week ago

Browser extensions usually update automatically, but that can take some time. Here's how you can update your Zerion extensions faster to get all the latest features.

Updating Zerion extension

You have two options to update your Zerion extension.

Option 1: restart your browser

Simply restart your browser, and all extensions will update automatically.

If the Zerion extension still has not been updated, try option 2.

Option 2: activate developer mode

  1. Go to chrome://extensions/

  2. Enable "Developer mode" in the upper right corner

  3. Click 'Update' β€” this will force to update all extensions to the latest versions.

How do I know the version of my Zerion extension?

You can see the version of your Zerion extension right in the app and in the store listing.

  1. Open your Zerion extension

  2. Go to Settings by clicking βš™οΈ

  3. The version in bottom right corner

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