Back up your recovery phrase
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Once you’ve created your new address, it's essential to securely save your secret recovery phrase (seed phrase).

Although it's not mandatory to do so immediately, we highly recommend saving it promptly. In the Settings, you'll receive a notification emphasizing the importance of preserving your recovery phrase.

Important Notice: To protect your recovery phrase from potential hackers and malware, it is crucial to avoid capturing screenshots or storing it on your computer. These practices greatly increase the risk of unauthorized access.

Below highlights two secure methods for storing your recovery phrase to ensure continued access to your wallet:

1. Handwritten Record:

Write your recovery phrase on a physical piece of paper and store it in a secure location. Consider keeping it either inside or outside your house, such as a safety deposit box. For added security, you may even choose to split the recovery phrase into different parts and store them in separate secure locations.

2. Steel Plate or Capsule:

Another reliable option is to purchase a steel plate or capsule designed explicitly for safeguarding important documents. These specialized containers are capable of withstanding extreme conditions, including high temperatures, ensuring the long-term preservation of your recovery phrase.

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