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Where is my wallet data stored?
Where is my wallet data stored?

You’re always in full control!

Written by Gleb Shumakov
Updated over a week ago

Self-custody is the cornerstone of Web3, and we at Zerion take it seriously.

The Zerion Smart Wallet gives you full control of your DeFi journey, here’s how:

  • You are the only one who has access to your wallet’s private key

  • We have minimized the amount of information we collect

  • Your wallet’s data is stored only on your device at all times

This ensures that you are the only person who has access to your wallet’s details, including the balances and transactions.

Please keep in mind that all blockchain transactions are public, but it is unlikely someone would be able to trace your wallet back to you unless you share the wallet’s public address yourself.

Hope this helps and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions! Join our Discord and follow us on Twitter to get the latest updates and connect with the community 🥳

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