Does Zerion charge any fees?

Zerion offers you the best rates on all web3 trades

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We believe in transparency and this is why we do not have any hidden fees. Here are the 3 types of fees you might encounter.

1. Zerion Swap / Bridge Fee

A 0.8% fee is applied to swaps and bridges on all the networks and side chains we support including Ethereum, Arbitrum, Aurora, Avalanche, BNB Chain, Fantom, Gnosis Chain, Polygon, Base, zkSync Era, Scroll, Celo, Zora, and Optimism.

These fees are placed in a “treasury-like” multisig contract (multiple people must approve any transaction). The fees will remain safe and secure until we come up with a way to involve the community in managing Zerion’s future. Here are the multisig addresses:

Wallets that hold a Zerion Gold DNA are exempt from paying these fees forever.

If you do not hold a Zerion Gold DNA, you can purchase it on the secondary market via Rarible and Opensea.

Zerion Premium users are eligible for a 0.4% fee discount which puts their swap / bridging fee at 0.4%. You can learn more about Zerion Premium here.

You should also be aware of two kinds of fees you may incur when placing a trade through our app:

2. Ethereum network fees (gas)

A network fee or "gas" is the cost necessary to perform a transaction on the Ethereum blockchain. This varies by network demand. Zerion lets you select your own gas preferences directly from the app interface.

3. Exchange fees

When your trade is routed through an external decentralized exchange (DEX) or automated market maker (AMM), the cost of your transaction will automatically include whatever fee that DEX or AMM charges.

For example, Uniswap places a flat 0.3% fee on all orders, while Balancer charges a variable rate depending on the liquidity pool.

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