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What information can I get from a CSV download?
What information can I get from a CSV download?

Learn how transaction history is recorded in a CSV download

Written by Vladimir Shamanov
Updated over a week ago

If you have an active subscription to Premium, you can download the transaction history for any address as a CSV file (a spreadsheet). The history goes all the way back to 2018 and includes all blockchains and networks that Zerion fully supports.

You can use this CSV file to prepare taxes or analyze trading performance (not just yours but of any address).

Here is an example of CSV with transaction history for test.zerion.eth wallet.

What's inside the CSV file?

For all transactions, the CSV file gives you:

  • Date

  • Time

  • Transaction Type (receive, send, trade, execute, deposit, withdraw, mint)

  • Status (confirmed or failed)

  • Chain (all chains supported by Zerion)

  • Fee Amount

  • Fee Currency

  • Fee Fiat Amount

  • Fee Fiat Currency

  • Tx Hash

  • Link (to Etherscan or another blockchain scanner)

  • Timestamp

  • Incoming Transfers JSON

  • Outgoing Transfers JSON

For trades, the CSV also shows:

  • Buy Amount

  • Buy Currency

  • Buy Currency Address

  • Buy Fiat Amount

  • Buy Fiat Currency

  • Sell Amount

  • Sell Currency

  • Sell Currency Address

  • Sell Fiat Amount

  • Sell Fiat Currency

How to download transaction history as CSV?

To download transaction history as CSV, go to the History tab for any address and you'll see the button:

If you don't have Premium, you will see there another button that links to the page where you can buy Premium:

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