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You should have full control of your wallet. Whether you're a dApp developer on a testnet or a degen playing with meme coins on a new chain, with Zerion you can add any custom network to the extension (and mobile app).

There are 2 ways to start. You can either

  • Go to Settings (⚙️ at the top right) and then click on “Networks”, or

  • Click on the “All Networks” dropdown list on the Tokens or History tab, then go to “Available networks”

Continue the next steps below to add custom network or testnet.

How to add a custom network

  1. Go to “Custom” or click on the plus sign (➕ at the top right)

  2. Click on “Add First” (if it’s your first time) or “Add Network”

  3. Do either of the following 3 ways to add custom network:

    1. type in the name of custom network in the search field

    2. find the available custom network in the list

    3. click on “Add network manually” and provide all the necessary information for the custom network e.g. the network name, RPC, Chain ID, etc.

  4. Congrats! You’re done.

How to add a testnet

  1. Select “Testnets”

  2. Choose the available testnet to add

  3. Voila! You’re all set.

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