How to Get Zerion DNA?

Get a living NFT that evolves with your onchain actions

Written by Vladimir Shamanov
Updated over a week ago

What is Zerion DNA?

Zerion DNA is a first-of-its-kind living NFT that evolves as you explore Web3, exclusively available with the Zerion Wallet.

Every wallet action will change your DNA to reflect the value of the assets you own, the amount of gas you’ve spent, and the networks you use. Anyone with the Zerion Wallet can mint their DNA at no cost beyond standard network fees. Learn more here

Here’s how to claim your Zerion DNA:

  1. Head over to the NFT tab

  2. Click on the banner “Mint Your Zerion DNA”

  3. Complete the claiming process to mint your DNA

  4. Go to the NFTs and/or the History tab to check your claimed DNA NFT.

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