To support Zerion's protocol, Zerion charges a 0.5% fee on all transactions on supported Layer 1 and Layer 2 networks including Ethereum, Arbitrum, Aurora, Avalanche, BSC, Fantom, Gnosis Chain, Optimism, and Polygon. The revenue generated from the multichain fees will go to a special “treasury-like” multisig contract, laying the foundation for Zerion’s decentralized future.

Did you know that wallets that hold Zerion Genesis NFTs get 100% discounts on Zerion’s trading fees on both Ethereum and multichain networks?

This makes your trading experience on Zerion even better.

Wallets that hold Zerion NFTs get 100% discounts on Zerion’s fees

  • Legendary and Rare Zerion Genesis NFTs get zero fees forever,

  • Common Zerion Genesis NFTs get zero fees until March 26, 2023, or for 12 months since the introduction of the fees.

If you hold a Zerion Genesis NFT in your wallet, you’ll see the little star (as on the screenshot below). This means you won’t get charged fees for multichain trading.

Discounts for Zerion Genesis NFTs

Ready to buy Zerion NFTs?

Although all Zerion Genesis NFTs have been minted, you can buy these NFTs on the secondary markets:

While the Zerion Genesis Collection was Zerion’s first NFT drop, it’s probably not the last.

The best way to qualify for any future mints and NFT drops is to try and use Zerion: connect your crypto wallet, check your portfolio, make a few trades, try bridging to L1s and L2s.

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