Your Zerion Wallet is secured by a unique seed phrase that should be safely backed up. Wallets are grouped by a unique seed phrase in Zerion as detailed here.

Did you know?

The same seed phrase can be used for wallets on different chains including Bitcoin, Ethereum, EVM compatible chains, and more 🤯

What you should expect

When you import your Zerion Wallet via a seed phrase into Zerion or any other web3 interface, you may notice more than one unique address being associated with the corresponding seed phrase.

Don't worry, this is expected behavior across several wallet providers including Zerion. By using the same seed phrase (and derivation path), you can have multiple instances of the same wallet

You may correctly encounter the message:
"We found these wallets associated with your seed phrase. Select and import up to 100:"

Always remember, never share your seed phrase with anyone 🤝

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