ICYMI, Zerion is offering ZERO FEES* on on-ramps within the product! 🤯

We all love a great deal — this promotional campaign runs from June 6, 2022, to June 13, 2022, courtesy of our friends at MoonPay.

Here's how to avail this limited time benefit:

  • Connect your web3 wallet to Zerion. Don't have one yet? Simply download our Mobile App to create your Zerion Wallet.

  • Access the MoonPay On-Ramp

    • If using the web-app: Click on "Buy Crypto with Cash"

    • If using the mobile app: Click on the center action button and select "Buy (Purchase crypto with cash)"

  • Select MoonPay as your purchase provider. Note the 0% fees indicator

  • Enter the asset and amount you wish to purchase, completing all necessary details and KYC (if relevant)

  • Your purchased crypto is now deposited to your web3 wallet!

Campaign Rules

Yes single txn limit is capped at 12kUSD, with a monthly limit of $50kUSD.

  • Single transaction limits are capped at $12,000

  • Monthly transaction limits for users are $50,000

  • Campaign ends on June 13, 2022

  • Campaign terms and conditions are subject to change

If you have any questions about the campaign, we'll be more than happy to answer via the in-app chat or the community Discord: https://zerion.io/discord 💸

*Zero MoonPay Fees. You may still have to pay network fees on mainnet on-ramps.

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