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How do I connect my wallet to Zerion macOS and iPad?
How do I connect my wallet to Zerion macOS and iPad?

Use Zerion Wallet or WalletConnect to start trading

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In addition to connecting any of your existing web3 wallets, we recently launched the Zerion Wallet, the first smart, social Web3 wallet that’s built for everyone.

Get your Zerion Smart Wallet

  1. Download the Zerion mobile app on iOS or Android

  2. Follow the instructions on screen to either create a new wallet or import an existing one

Once connected, you’ll have one place to manage every wallet, seed phrase and private key you own regardless of where you first created it. Use the wallet to place trades on any network, manage your multichain portfolio and store your NFTs.

In addition to the Zerion Smart Wallet, Zerion supports most major Web3 wallets including hardware wallets, mobile wallets, and browser extension wallets.

Connect other wallets to Zerion

To get started trading on Zerion on macOS and iPad, you’ll need to connect any WalletConnect-compatible wallet (for example MetaMask, Argent, Ledger Live and others). WalletConnect is a popular standard for connecting mobile wallets to web and desktop apps. You can see the complete list of supported wallets here.

Step 1: Select Connect a wallet → WalletConnect

How do I connect my wallet to Zerion macOS and iPad?

How do I connect my wallet to Zerion macOS and iPad?

Step 2: Go to your WalletConnect-compatible wallet and scan the QR code that appears on the Zerion screen.

Most mobile wallets display a scanning option on the home screen. For example, see MetaMask and Argent below:

Scan QR code on MetaMask mobile and Argent

Once your wallet is connected, you’ll be able to send crypto, place trades, and more. Each time you perform a transaction, you’ll receive a prompt on your wallet’s primary device (e.g MetaMask mobile or Ledger Nano X hardware device).

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