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How can I get a Zerion API Key?
How can I get a Zerion API Key?

Learn what a Zerion API key is & how to get access to it.

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We've built an interface that offers the easiest and simplest way for DeFi investors to manage their portfolio, and we're happy to share the tools that made that possible.

Why do you need this?

Zerion’s API lets you fetch information for Ethereum wallet addresses, protocols, and tokens. If you need some inspiration on use-cases, check out our Featured Partners section.

How to request an API key?

Submit a request for the API key through this form, it’ll only take you a minute:

Quick Start & Installing Dependencies

Zerion uses WebSockets to power its API. You can use our API both on the backend, as well as on the client side. First, you need to install the relevant dependencies, and then you will be ready to unleash the full power of our API.

Instructions here: Getting Started

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