There are a number of benefits to automated trading strategies with TokenSets:

  1. Hedging doesn’t require technical expertise. Adequately protecting your investments against volatility risk can often be a daunting task requiring deep technical and fundamental knowledge. Sets do the work for you by automatically rebalancing between tokens and stablecoins at certain market conditions.

  2. Diversifying your portfolio is easy. TokenSets that consist of multiple underlying assets distribute your investment according to a pre-defined ratio.

  3. Make smarter investments by following the best. Social Sets allow you to follow other traders’ strategies based on your market sentiment and risk appetite.

Save time and energy. In a nutshell, Sets put your crypto to work without you doing the work!

Before you begin

Before making an investment, check out the Zerion Top Sets section, where you can filter Sets by the assets they hold, market cap, and their historical performance.

Zerion supports read-only tracking for all Sets. For this example, we’ll look at the ETH RSI 60/40 Yield Set.

Buying a Set

Step 1: Head over to TokenSets and select the ETH RSI 60/40 Yield Set under “Robo Sets”

Step 2: Click “Buy” and connect your Ethereum wallet as prompted

Buying on TokenSets

Step 3: Input the amount you would like to buy

Buying on TokenSets

Step 4: Confirm the transaction in your wallet

Step 5: Congratulations, you’ve just bought a Set! Now head over to Zerion and connect your wallet to view your investment.

Psst, soon you'll be able to buy/sell your TokenSets right from Zerion!

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