Liquidity pools are a great way to passively earn on your holdings as a market maker. You can learn more about the advantages of liquidity pools over order book exchanges, or jump straight in with the easy guide on how to start investing from your Zerion interface.

Step 1: Access your DeFi portfolio at If you need help setting up your wallet for the first time, check out our guide on how to get started.

Step 2: Open the “Invest” tab

How to invest in Uniswap liquidity pools with Zerion

Step 3: Select the Bancor or Uniswap pool that you would like to invest in by clicking “Add liquidity”.

Bancor and Uniswap liquidity pools

Step 5: Enter the assets and amount you want to deposit and click “Add”. Note that you will need to enable the tokens before you can deposit them into the pools.

ETH-MKR and BNT-ETH liquidity pools

Step 6: Confirm the transaction in your wallet (if you’re using a browser wallet like MetaMask, you should see a pop-up).

Step 7: After depositing your assets into a pool, you can track their performance in the “Invest” tab.

Investing in liquidity pools with Zerion

Step 8: When you want to withdraw your assets, open the “Invest” tab and click “Manage pool” for the pool you are interested in. Choose “Remove liquidity”, then input the amount of assets that you would like to withdraw and click “Remove”.

Step 9: Finally, confirm the transaction in your wallet. After the transaction is confirmed, your assets will be returned to your wallet.

ETH-MKR Uniswap liquidity pool

And, voilà — you’ve just put your assets to work!

Learn more on the Zerion blog:

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