Note: The Zerion mobile app is currently read-only, which means you won’t be able to deposit funds or make any transactions (update coming soon!) For this, you’ll need Zerion Web.

Step 1: Download the Zerion app for Android or iOS

Zerion mobile app

Step 2: Import your Zerion wallet or manually input your wallet address. To import, scan the QR code that pops up after clicking "Export to mobile" on the Zerion web app. You can add as many read-only addresses as you like, including wallets that are not your own!

Export Zerion wallet to mobile app

Step 3: Use the Zerion mobile app to get familiar with DeFi: track the performance of other portfolios, view your complete transaction history and check out the Explore tab to see trending liquidity pools, the best DeFi rates, and more!

Zerion mobile app
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