So, you have a new protocol that you think DeFi users will love β€” what next?

Zerion is one of the largest investing apps for decentralized finance (DeFi) - with over 200K+ monthly active users, a 40% share of β€œpro” users in the space, and a mobile app that gets opened, on average, 9 times a day.

To integrate your protocol with us and give your community a superior asset management experience, just follow these simple steps:

1. Fill out a Protocol Request Link:

2. After a quick review process, Zerion's developers will prioritize the integration and update its status to 'In Progress'. We encourage you to share the request page with your community to upvote and expedite our priority.

3. To fast track the integration, please be as detailed as possible with the following details within your request:

  • Protocol name, web, contact info of applicant dev team behind the protocol

  • Address of protocol contracts

  • Explanation of the smart contract's logic

    • How to get address balance at the protocol? Including staked assets

    • How to get the composition of underlying assets?

    • If there is a factory contract, how to track the list of assets?

    • How do we keep track of when the composition of the token changes?

4. Congratulations! Within a few business days, your DeFi protocol will be almost instantly visible to the users of Zerion and other dApps that use DeFi SDK πŸŽ‰

Applications currently using DeFi SDK include:

πŸ”– Protocol Integration Link:

Don't hesitate to reach out to our team via Discord if you have any questions.

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